The 30-Seconds Ab Solution

Is your stomach sitting right there in front of you where you can clearly see it?  Is it fun adjusting your pants, skirts, or dresses around your bulges? That back pain – the one that’s there all the time and follows you when you bend over, or sit down, or lie down, or stand up – loving it, are you? Well if this is you and you are good with all of it, then no need to change a thing! Keep everything as it is. However, if you believe it is time for a change, then maybe it just might be time to try something new!

Here’s a quick and easy SAMPLE exercise to show you just how powerful this simple 30-second trick can be….

  • Right here where you’re sitting I want you to set your left hand palm-down on the top of your desk or table…or heck, even just on your left knee.
  • Now I want you to push down HARD with your left hand and raise your left foot half an inch off the ground…literally just half an inch or less…just enough to get that foot off the ground.
  • Feel your stomach muscles tightening up?
  • Now HOLD that for 30 seconds.
  • Keep pushing down the entire time and keep your foot just slightly off the floor. Rest for another 30 seconds then repeat for 30 seconds pushing down with your RIGHT hand and raising your right foot slightly off the floor.
  • You’re done.

In the 30-Second Ab-Solution you will find out why crunches and sit-ups CAN’T and WON’T flatten your stomach…


But there is so much more. The most important thing is that:

…the goal is to get you a FLATTER, TIGHTER STOMACH doing something that…

…is easy, effective and NOT overwhelming
…is FAST (taking only 30 seconds at a time)
WORKS without making you massively overhaul your entire life.
…can be done ANYWHERE…even at your desk at the office with NOBODY even knowing you’re doing it!

The best news is that you can get this for only $7

7 Bucks…That’s It!

Click the photo above to see the full explanation of the 30-Second Ab-Solution and you will see why $7 is the best investment in your abs you will ever make!

This price is NOT going to last forever, though…

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  1. I bought this book yesterday and you are right Gemma Daily, it blew my mind. I felt it working from the sample you included and I knew I had to get it. I want to share it with my friends but I am being selfish for a minute so I can get a head start on great abs. Don’t hate. 🙂

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