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“One of the most powerful ways we can curb environmental destruction is by changing the way we manage our everyday habits. Periods are no exception.”  – Amanda Wilson

Every month, more than ONE BILLION pads and more than half a billion tampons are thrown in our waterways and landfills.The average woman menstruates for 38 years, tossing roughly 12,000 used disposables in her lifetime. A menstrual cup is a healthier, more eco-responsible alternative to pads and tampons. Making the change to reusable period care is good for everyone, including the planet. Made in the USA of 100% FDA-approved medical-grade silicone, VOXAPOD menstrual cups are naturally hygienic and reusable—and that means zero waste. It’s time to rethink period care and Portland, OR-based VOXAPOD, is one company increasing awareness of the environmental impact of disposable products – just one of the factors driving demand for innovation in this multi billion dollar category.

Amanda Wilson
Founder and CEO – VOXAPOD

Amanda Wilson, CEO and Founder of VOXAPOD, is working towards a vision of how to make things better, especially for the many girls and women who miss out on vital opportunities like education over something as basic as a lack of access to period products.

Wilson recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise awareness and funding for her innovative, patent-pending menstrual cup. VOXAPOD is a benefit corporation that is part of a growing menstrual equity movement that is working to ensure that all women have access to period essentials that are safe for their bodies and the planet. From a design perspective, VOXAPOD has re-engineered the cup introducing new features that make this cup easier to use and a better fit for all women.  As a social venture, VOXAPOD uses every purchase to build equity and meet the menstrual health need of girls and women around the world, as well as help girls in the developing world stay in school after they start their period.

The economic and environmental benefits of cups are a revelation to many women who spend hundreds of dollars each year on period supplies—and as these women are sharing their period care epiphanies with their friends, a growing awareness of the convenience and health benefits of menstrual cups is spreading. Make the change this month.

For more information visit www.voxapod.com.

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