Flat Belly 365

FLAT BELLY 365 by Manuel Villacorta

Any program that can give me a flat belly is a lifestyle program I refuse to live without! Manuel Villacorta, MS, RD, an internationally recognized and an award winning registered dietitian, masterfully tackles the cause of stubborn belly fat in his new book Flat Belly 365. 

Gut health is the key and the gut-healthy principles presented in the book are sound. The book is packed with recipes that are not only gut-friendly, but delicious and nutritious. You are never alone when you go food shopping as the seasonal shopping lists included ensure you never pick the ‘wrong’ foods.

The weekly meal plan really takes the guesswork out of what you should eat.  I am not a great cook and try to avoid the kitchen as much as possible, but I was motivated to try the recipes and I was not disappointed. If you are vegetarian, or vegan as I am, you have not been neglected.

Then there is the 7-Day reboot for every season! I will leave that out there for you to experience.

I am including 2 recipes from the book for my non-vegetarian readers. Since I know you will be buying this book, please do get a head start before your copy is delivered, by trying one or both of these recipes. You will absolutely love them!

Recipes from Flat Belly 365





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